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Przypominamy, że do 10 września 2023 r. trwa rejestracja na udział w warsztatach podczas Dorocznego Forum Strategii UE dla regionu Morza Bałtyckiego. Na warsztaty należy się zarejestrować odrębnie od samego Forum.

Annual Forum Workshop Registration is open!

Nine thematic workshops open the EUSBSR Annual Forum on 4 October. Pick the ones closest to your interest and get ready to exchange fresh ideas and initiatives:

  • Workshop 1: Offshore energy and safety of maritime traffic - adoption of interests
  • Workshop 2: Driving collaborative decarbonization and climate adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Workshop 3: All hands on deck: safe and secure Baltic Sea Region through a “whole-of-society” approach
  • Workshop 4: Strengthening and developing cooperation with Ukraine to empower sustainable rebuilding
  • Workshop 5: The EUSBSR as an important facilitator of the Mission Ocean
  • Workshop 6: Economy of Wellbeing of People. A multi-policy areas flagship for a prosperous and sustainable region
  • Workshop 7: Co-creating the vision and foundations of a BSR innovation valley
  • Workshop 8: Submerged munitions in the Baltic Sea – environmental, security and other challenges
  • Workshop 9: Youth and Culture driving resilient communities in the BSR

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Strona Forum: EUSBSR Annual Forum 2023.

Forum odbędzie się w dn. 4-5 października 2023 r. w Rydze pod hasłem "Safe and Sustainable Baltic Sea Region for Future Generations" i będzie się koncentrować na współpracy regionalnej, energii, klimacie oraz współpracy młodzieży.

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